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Doing their part, by hanging hearts

Heart is suspended from one of the tower cranesAfter suspending a Christmas tree from a tower crane, and donating gifts to Akron Children’s patients during the holidays, Marge Zezulewicz, project architect manager for the new building under construction on the Akron campus, asked herself, “What’s next?”

“We’re familiar with a lot of the fundraising campaigns at the hospital because we’re local,” said Zezelewicz. “So as soon as the Christmas donation was done, I thought, radiothon’s next.”

This is why Welty-Boldt are Change Bandits for the Have a Heart, Do Your Part radiothon.

The construction office is adorned with radiothon posters and Change Bandit buckets, but that’s not the only way the team is getting involved.

2014-radiothon-logo“Some crew members took their scrap metal pieces to a recycle center,” said Zezelewicz. “The money they got from the recycle center will now be a part of the Change Bandit contribution.”

And the involvement doesn’t stop there.

“In thinking about what comes next, I thought it would be a great idea to suspend a heart from the cranes, like we did with the Christmas tree,” said Zezelewicz. “We chose to hang a heart to support American Heart Month, because Valentine’s Day is in February, and to show our support for the Have a Heart, Do Your Part radiothon.”

The Welty-Boldt carpenters creatined a plan and began constructing an 8-foot by 8-foot heart.

“The heart is made out of recycled form plywood, so we didn’t have to buy material to make it,” said Tom Conti, Building on the Promise project superintendent.

Marge Zezulewicz

Marge Zezulewicz

All Tower Cranes — the company supplying and managing the 2 cranes on site — gave their blessing to suspend the heart one of their cranes.

“The cranes and the heart are not just a gift to the hospital, but a gift to the community,” said Zezelewicz. “It’s a good reminder to the community of what’s going on at the hospital.”

Zezelewicz has challenged Conti to stay involved with the hospital’s efforts until the building construction is completed in 2015.

“Construction workers are very generous, especially when it comes to kids,” Conti said. “I was so touched by how considerate and compassionate these construction workers are.”