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New building interiors focus on the backyard theme

Colorful, engaging spaces and child-friendly art installations are woven throughout the fabric of Akron Children’s Hospital’s facilities. It’s an important part of the care we provide. Spaces that make kids feel relaxed and happy, even though they’re in the hospital, can actually help with recovery and ease pain.

Project Manager Paul Becks rallies his crews to accomplish great things

Paul Becks admits he’s a demanding person. As Welty-Boldt’s field manager on Akron Children’s Hospital’s $200 million “Building on the Promise” expansion campaign, it’s a vital personality trait that helps him lead hundreds of crew members to keep the project on time and on budget.

Names of patients highlighted in Graffiti project

Akron Children’s Graffiti Project honors current and former patients on the new medical building currently under construction on the Akron campus. The names of 205 patients have been spray-painted on floors 3 through 7 of the concrete facades facing E. Exchange Street and Perkins Square Park. Below is the list of patients on the building. […]

Pedestrian bridge now in place (Photo Gallery)

Crews spent 10 hours this past Saturday, Jan. 4, hoisting the 62-ton, 130-foot long pedestrian bridge into its final resting place, which connects the already completed parking garage to the tower’s 3rd floor outpatient surgery center main lobby.

Building on the Promise superintendent gets into the Christmas spirit

With Santa Claus’ yearly trek around the globe quickly approaching, Building on the Promise Project Superintendent Tom Conti wanted to do something special for the kids.

Designing the best high-risk delivery area for mom and baby (Video)

Akron Children’s high-risk delivery space is being designed to accommodate a projected 100 patients annually, but will have plenty of room for expansion as the patient census grows.

Cranes tower above the rest in jobsite safety

When you’re building a 7-story medical tower, communications among construction crew members are vital, especially when you’re at the top of two tower cranes.

Akron Children’s goes green with LEED to build new medical tower

When Akron Children’s new medical building opens in 2015, it will have a LEED for Healthcare Silver certification, reflecting the building’s environmentally-responsible and resource-efficient status.

Getting the details right

How many corners does a gurney need to turn on the trip between triage and the OR? What is the best placement of the bed in a patient room to ensure maximum privacy? Is there a need for refrigeration in the medications room for breast milk?

From houses to hospitals, architect is living the dream

Norio Tsuchiya has dreamed of being an architect since he was in third grade and his best friend in Ecuador told him that some people design houses for a living. So in 1991 when the opportunity arose, he made the trek to the United States to pursue his passion.