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Akron Children’s goes green with LEED to build new medical tower

When Akron Children’s new medical building opens in 2015, it will have a LEED for Healthcare Silver certification, reflecting the building’s environmentally-responsible and resource-efficient status.

Akron Children’s Hospital honors patients on new building with #graffitiproject (Photo gallery)

Akron Children’s Hospital launched its Graffiti Project to honor current and former patients on the new medical building currently under construction on the Akron campus. The hospital kicked off the project yesterday with a reception that included hospital leadership, board members, donors and families of the first 24 patients to have their names painted on […]

Getting the details right

How many corners does a gurney need to turn on the trip between triage and the OR? What is the best placement of the bed in a patient room to ensure maximum privacy? Is there a need for refrigeration in the medications room for breast milk?

From houses to hospitals, architect is living the dream

Norio Tsuchiya has dreamed of being an architect since he was in third grade and his best friend in Ecuador told him that some people design houses for a living. So in 1991 when the opportunity arose, he made the trek to the United States to pursue his passion.

Day in the Life: A union steward and laborer

It’s a warm, fall morning and Cedric Sommerville begins his day a little after 7 a.m., putting out water for all of his crew members. He and his laborers have a busy day ahead of them. A concrete pour is scheduled for that afternoon and the wall panels and floor “tables” must be in place.

Expansion project holds special place in production manager’s heart

Nick Loughrin moved his family across state borders last spring to join Akron Children’s $200 million “Building on the Promise” expansion campaign. It’s a construction project that holds sentimental value for him. He’s a doting father of 3-year-old twins who spent the first several weeks of their life in Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s NICU in […]

Construction team takes a page from the Buckeyes playbook

Great coaches like Woody Hayes know that a little extra motivation can go a long way when a big game is on the line. That’s why, according to Ohio State football lore, he started giving buckeye leaf stickers to players 45 years ago. Taking a page from the legendary coach’s playbook, the construction crew has […]

Where the familiar things are

Where does a child’s adventure begin? The answer, “in the child’s backyard,” led to the theme for Akron Children’s new medical tower – “things familiar.”

Collaboration saves time and money for building project

Collaboration among Akron Children’s design teams has shaved weeks from the construction schedule and saved millions of dollars, while adding features that will increase patient satisfaction and improve outcomes.

1,000 cranes over Akron construct story of hope, community

As massive, steel cranes dominate Akron’s skyline to construct the new building, cranes of a far more delicate sort have been rising up as well.

While planning and beginning construction, the design team took on a team-building exercise to fold 1,000 origami paper cranes. Their efforts culminated recently into a breathtaking bouquet of color, camaraderie and compassion.