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Project Manager Paul Becks rallies his crews to accomplish great things

Paul Becks admits he’s a demanding person. As Welty-Boldt’s field manager on Akron Children’s Hospital’s $200 million “Building on the Promise” expansion campaign, it’s a vital personality trait that helps him lead hundreds of crew members to keep the project on time and on budget.

Construction team takes a page from the Buckeyes playbook

Great coaches like Woody Hayes know that a little extra motivation can go a long way when a big game is on the line. That’s why, according to Ohio State football lore, he started giving buckeye leaf stickers to players 45 years ago. Taking a page from the legendary coach’s playbook, the construction crew has […]

Collaboration saves time and money for building project

Collaboration among Akron Children’s design teams has shaved weeks from the construction schedule and saved millions of dollars, while adding features that will increase patient satisfaction and improve outcomes.

Meet Tom Conti: Man at work

Tom Conti was born to build. In fact, his passion for construction can be traced back to his very first rattle as a baby – a hammer.

And the award goes to… (Photo gallery)

The seven teams working on Akron Children’s Hospital’s new building can get pretty tired at the end of a work week, especially when there are multiple companies working together for the first time and they are challenged to change the status quo.

Teamwork guides construction of new space

What could the Apollo 13 space mission have to do with the new Akron Children’s Hospital medical building? Tom Conti, Welty/Boldt project superintendent, believes that what the Apollo 13 team went through is not dissimilar to what a construction team faces.

Creating new building model is a snap (Photo gallery)

With a little more than a month for planning and construction, a team of 30 volunteers set out to achieve the unthinkable – construction of the new medical tower at the Akron campus.

Final design workshop for NICU likened to “speed dating” [Photo Gallery]

Akron Children’s Hospital’s NICU team began its final design kaizen with an approach that could be compared to “speed dating.”

How will healthcare look in 20 years? That would be nice to know as we build now

As Akron Children’s Hospital moves forward with its $200 million campus expansion, a crystal ball would come in handy. With health care reform, changing demographics, and other uncertainties, our goal is to build flexibility into our design in every way possible. We can make educated guesses regarding future patient volumes and acuity, reimbursement levels, the […]

Simulations help team design most efficient ER

A 15-month-old lies in an ER trauma room after being transported by EMS from an adult hospital. Lab results indicate possible kidney failure. A 6-month-old suffering seizures is being treated in an ER patient room. A baby has been found not breathing in a bassinette by a babysitter and has been brought to the ER […]