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39 premature babies move into new NICU – just in time for Mother’s Day

They weren’t supposed to be born yet, and many of them are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but 39 tiny babies took an amazing journey Tuesday, May 5 – just a few days before what will certainly be a memorable Mother’s Day for their families.

Designing the new NICU gallery

Getting the details right

How many corners does a gurney need to turn on the trip between triage and the OR? What is the best placement of the bed in a patient room to ensure maximum privacy? Is there a need for refrigeration in the medications room for breast milk?

From houses to hospitals, architect is living the dream

Norio Tsuchiya has dreamed of being an architect since he was in third grade and his best friend in Ecuador told him that some people design houses for a living. So in 1991 when the opportunity arose, he made the trek to the United States to pursue his passion.

Where the familiar things are

Where does a child’s adventure begin? The answer, “in the child’s backyard,” led to the theme for Akron Children’s new medical tower – “things familiar.”

Collaboration saves time and money for building project

Collaboration among Akron Children’s design teams has shaved weeks from the construction schedule and saved millions of dollars, while adding features that will increase patient satisfaction and improve outcomes.

Team planning high-risk birth center has 182 collective years of OB experience

Last month, Akron Children’s announced that it would dedicate a floor in its new building to high-risk deliveries – a milestone in the hospital’s 123-year history.

First high–risk delivery paves way for new service to care for at-risk newborns

Akron Children’s announces the decision to create space in its new medical tower for high-risk deliveries.

Wrapping our latest gift

Wondering what our new medical tower will look like? We’ve got a big dirt mound here now, but surrounding the construction site is a fence wrapped with pictures of the building.

Final design workshop for NICU likened to “speed dating” [Photo Gallery]

Akron Children’s Hospital’s NICU team began its final design kaizen with an approach that could be compared to “speed dating.”