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Community Impact

Home to many renowned physicians, Akron Children’s Hospital is proud of the impact we make on the health and well-being of the children under our care.

We’re also proud of the impact we make on the economic well-being of the region through employment, taxes, collaboration with universities and businesses, and by being a medical destination for thousands.

Investing in our community, our families and the future

Akron Children’s has grown tremendously, not only at our main campus in the heart of Akron, but through the establishment of more than 80 community locations that bring healthcare directly into the neighborhoods of the families we serve.

More than 4,500 employees, including nearly 800 medical staff, live, shop, dine and support northeast Ohio, not only through employment taxes, but also by generating the economic vitality needed to sustain our local and regional schools, businesses and economies.

In fact, in 2012, our employees paid more than $84.2 million in taxes. The hospital also paid about $366,000 in real estate taxes.

This support is furthered by the more than 650,000 patient visits by local families who seek treatment at our facilities and also live, dine and shop in the area, which provides additional, critical economic support.

Our hospital expansion will additionally reverberate throughout the region, as we invest approximately $200 million to expand and remodel our main campus buildings.

The initiative will require participation from many local design and construction companies, and we’re proud to commit that 70% of those partnerships will be local.

And because many patients travel to Akron Children’s Hospital from all parts of the U.S., our economic impact often has national implications as well. A recent study indicated our local economic impact to be more than $1 billion annually.