Time flies when you’re Building on the Promise (Time-lapse Video)

While they didn’t move quite as fast as it seems in this video, the workers who built the Kay Jewelers Pavilion helped ensure the project was completed months ahead of schedule, and well under the projected $180 million budget. There is also an extended version of this video.

Community open house set for April 26 to celebrate opening of Kay Jewelers Pavilion

Kay Jewelers PavilionHere’s your first chance to step inside Akron’s newest gem and celebrate our community’s most precious jewels – kids.

Patient families, friends and the general public are invited to take their first look inside Akron Children’s Hospital’s new $180 million Kay Jewelers Pavilion at a community open house from 1 to 4 p.m. on Sunday, April 26.

The open house will include:

  • guided tours of our new ER, NICU, GOJO Outpatient Surgery Center and special delivery unit for high-risk newborns
  • kids’ games and activities, including life-size versions of popular board games and a photo booth
  • entertainment, including performances by local kids, puppeteers, costumed characters and a bubble artist
  • Doggie Brigade volunteers

Attendees will also have an opportunity to draw pictures that will become part of a permanent, public artwork at the hospital.

A Look Inside

Kay Jewelers Pavilion lobby

Kay Jewelers Pavilion lobby

The interior of Kay Jewelers Pavilion features a “backyard” theme echoing the joys of childhood and the idea that Akron Children’s has been a treasure in greater Akron’s own backyard since 1890.

“Akron Children’s was founded 125 years ago this year as a day nursery and has grown into a regional health system with the depth and breadth of clinical services that truly enable us to serve all of the children who need us,” said Bill Considine, president and chief executive officer of Akron Children’s. “Every detail of Kay Jewelers Pavilion has been carefully planned with our patient families in mind – and we are thrilled to finally open our doors and invite everyone to see this exciting investment into our children’s well being.”

In following the backyard theme, our new NICU is “The Treehouse” – a soothing, healing environment where families can be comfortable while neonatologists and specially trained nurses care for the youngest and most fragile of infants.

In keeping with the backyard theme of the Kay Jewelers Pavilion, our new ER has a puddle theme

In keeping with the backyard theme of the Kay Jewelers Pavilion, our new ER has a puddle theme

Our ER, nicknamed “The Puddle,” was especially designed to facilitate a more natural flow of admissions.

The GOJO Outpatient Surgery Center, “The Sandbox,” will open with 4 operating rooms equipped for a variety of outpatient procedures, including ENT, ophthalmology, urology, dental and some plastic surgery cases.

Our new labor, delivery and recovery center, known as “The Garden,” is designed for cases when a baby is considered at high risk and in need of pediatric specialists the moment they are born.

Sculptures find new home at hospital’s medical tower


Quietly standing in the landscape of the Kay Jewelers Pavilion will be a family of sculptures without a name but not without purpose.

Local artist, Don Drumm, is donating 3 free-standing sculptures to adorn the grounds of the building. Although Drumm didn’t design the sculptures specifically for the hospital, the pieces are a beautiful reflection of the families it serves.

After hearing about the newest building on Akron Children’s campus and seeing its construction, Drumm felt the sculptures were best suited just down the road from his gallery.

“I feel it’s important the hospital chose to have a contemporary look to the architecture of the building because it reflects the innovative treatments and care they offer,” Drumm said. “I think the new building is gorgeous, and I’m happy the sculptures can be a part of this great space.”

While Drumm is widely recognized for his use of cast aluminum as an artistic medium, the family sculptures were created with an equally unique technique but different material.

Drumm designed the sculptures as hand-drawn sketches and used a computer-assisted water-jet plasma-cutting machine to make them come to life.

“Our gallery is fortunate enough to have a partnership with a company in North Carolina that can cut our renderings to any size we need,” said Drumm. “For these pieces, I knew they would be featured outdoors so each one is 7 to 8 feet tall.”

One sculpture, depicting a pregnant mother, is made of Core 10. This special steel, made by U.S. Steel, holds rust to give a rusty finish and color but doesn’t decay.

The other 2 sculptures, both representing
TJS_3065parents with children, were made from mild steel then galvanized with zinc and sand blasted. Ink color and sealer were also added to the surface to suit the artist’s preference.

Through this layering process, the integrity of each sculpture can endure the extreme outdoor temperatures and weather conditions.

The material, color scheme and images portrayed in Drumm’s sculptures are echoed in the design and color selection used inside the new building. For example, the emergency department, which represents a puddle, uses cool, calming colors similar to the blue color of the family sculpture. The outpatient surgery center, which represents a sandbox, uses a warm yet lively interior color palette much like the pregnant mother sculpture.

The blue family sculptures are located in each landscape bed on the southeast and southwest corners of Perkins Park. The rust-colored mother sculpture is featured in the landscape bed in front of the Exchange Street Deck.

“I think Children’s is the perfect home for these sculptures,” added Lisa Drumm, Drumm’s wife and fellow artist.

A gem of a gift


Ed Hrabak, president of Sterling Jewelers, looks at the building as the banner announcing the Kay Jewelers Pavilion is unveiled before the gathered guests.

On Oct. 24, Akron Children’s Hospital announced the name of its new medical building on the Akron campus: the Kay Jewelers Pavilion.

The new building was named in recognition of Kay® Jewelers continued support and recent $10 million gift toward the “Building on the Promise” capital campaign. The gift is the largest in Akron Children’s history.

Kay® Jewelers is operated by Akron, Ohio-based Sterling Jewelers, a Division of Signet Jewelers Ltd., the largest specialty retail jeweler in the U.S., U.K. and Canada.


More than 80 guests attended the celebration, which was highlighted by the official announcement of the building name and remarks from leadership at both organizations, including Sterling Jewelers President Ed Hrabak and Akron Children’s President and CEO Bill Considine.

“I’m so proud that Sterling Jewelers is supporting Akron Children’s,” said Hrabak. “Together, we will continue to make a difference for our children and the children in our community.”

“Sterling’s generosity is an example of how local businesses can support the hospital, which enables us to continue serving the patients here in our own backyard,” said Considine .


During the event, Hannah Seigfried, a Sterling Jewelers team member, shared the story of her family’s experience at Akron Children’s – where her daughter, Sariah, born prematurely at 29 weeks, was treated.

Joined by her now 9-month old daughter, Hannah recounted how the family benefited from the care and compassion that they found at Akron Children’s during Sariah’s 87-day stay.

“We’ve have definitely had a few bumps in the road, but I feel very blessed for having Akron Children’s Hospital,” said Seigfried. “I have a very healthy, almost 9-month-old thanks to this hospital.”

Since 2012, the $60 million “Building on the Promise” capital campaign has helped to finance a major expansion of the hospital’s Akron campus. Akron Children’s officially broke ground on the new medical building in May 2013.


Hannah Seigfried, with her ten-month-old daughter Sariah Boyer, was among the Sterling Jewelers employees who attended the event.

When it opens in May 2015, it will house a NICU, emergency department, outpatient surgery center, and labor and delivery unit for high-risk newborns. This initiative has also supported the renovation and expansion of the Ronald McDonald House of Akron. In addition to Kay Jewelers Pavilion, the new café in the building will also be called the Kay Kafé.

“This wonderful gift is a true testament and reflective of the outstanding corporate citizen Sterling is in this community,” said Philip Maynard, chairman of the “Building on the Promise” capital campaign. “They and their many team members personify the meaning of giving back to the community, where they live and work, by giving of their time, their talent and their treasure. Children’s has certainly benefited immeasurably from our partnership and collaboration with Sterling, and I’m certain our journey together will continue for many years to come.”